Tuesday Techie Traveler Edition I: the Vivino App

Introducing a new Tuesday post, the Techie traveler! Living in the app and technology-obsessed world of today, there are infinite options for helping make your travelling more streamlined and stress-free. Today I´m going to share one of my favorite apps which becomes particularly handing when travelling and drinking wine – Vivino. As we all know, keeping track of that wine you drank in that town you visited on that day . . . it´s not easy. So often while travelling we find a perfect bottle of wine and think “man I have to write down the name” only to discover later that day that we definitely forgot.  Well, voila, modern technology is here to help.IMG_4255

Vivino is a free app downloaded to any smart phone. It reads a photo of a wine label, analyses it, and instantly tells you the price, where you can buy it, and other user´s reviews. IMG_4258You get to rate the wines you drink and can add any notes and other details you want. You can also follow your friends on Vivino and see what they´re drinking.IMG_4257 The app is surprisingly accurate, and finds wine which I would have thought too obscure to know. It also provides some handle reviews and articles on wine near you. IMG_4256

So, the next time you are met with a daunting site like five German Rieslings which look remarkably similar, Vivino will do the memory work for you 🙂


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