Tuesday Techie Traveller Edition IV: Audible.com

Here is an app to help the time fly by while you are on a layover, a plane, en route to the airport, whatever. Audible.com has been around for a while, and like the other apps I mentioned (here and here) is not necessarily just for travelling . . . but I certainly use it a lot while I travel! Tied to your Amazon account, you can browse a vast collection of audiobooks – biographies, fiction, non-fiction, language textbooks, and much more. I really love to listen to biographies and non-fiction on the app – both of which I find can be dry on old-school paper. Purchasing is a simple click, and the book automatically starts downloading to the audible app on your phone. Voila, you have hours of listening entertainment to help pass those dull hours en-route to your destination. And, not to be a total geek, but you are passing your time and learning at the same time. . . . great stuff, right?

Here are a couple recent favorites:

tina fey cover

The hilarious bossy pants by Tina Fey


Super interesting Outliers by Malcom Gladwell.


A surprising and addictive autobiography by Phil Knight.

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