Phriday Photo Edition: Dresden Frauenkirche

The Frauenkirche in Dresden was completely destroyed during the Second World War, during intense bombing raids of the city. The ruins lay untouched for 50 years, and reconstruction did not begin until the reunification of Germany in 1994. The building today is all at once sobering, somber, beautiful, and unique. As much as possible, the reconstruction efforts used original plans and materials, with incredible attention and care paid to authenticity. The position of each stone in the piles of rubble was documented, to help determine the original position. Computer imaging was used to replace the stones in the proper locations. Memories of church-goers and old photographs further aided the architects in reconstruction. Today, we see the marked difference between the blackened and burned original stones and the new replacements. It is such an amazing building to see and such a visual way to remember both the war and the stunning efforts afterwards to preserve the integrity. IMG_5347

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