Tuesday Techie Traveller: ITA Matrix Software

Today´s Techie Traveller post is all about a no-frills website which has potential to give you some big savings. The ITA Matrix website (https://matrix.itasoftware.com/), by Google, has none of the splashy colors, photos, or city guides like other flight-finder websites like Expedia or Kayak. However, it has infinitely better internet-crawling skills for finding the cheapest flight possible. The best way to approach the website is to enter your departure and destination city, and then allow some flexibility with the search dates. Toggle on “see calendar of low fares”, and you simply have to enter a departure date and an approximate length of stay. The website will search dates on and up to a month after your departure, spitting out a calendar of fare options. Choose what you fancy and a matrix is provided, divided by airline and number of stops. It´s simple, straightforward, and very easy to see how long you´ll be in the air and how much you´ll pay. Booking on the website it not possible, but it´s easy to provide your chosen flights to a travel agent for final booking.


I have had great experience using this site, finding significantly cheaper options for flights. Hopefully it can come in handy for you as well! Time to take off! 

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