Tuesday Techie Traveller: PackPoint

Today’s helpful piece of technology is a packing app for your phone. If you’re one of those people who is always asking yourself “what should I take?” “Do I need a rain jacket?” “Are there mosquitoes in X city?”, PackPoint is here to help. While it may sound a bit needy that you require an app to tell you what to pack, honestly, it makes things easier. And I have been that traveler WAY too many times who has remembered to pack four necklaces, but forgotten a hairbrush and phone charger. So yeah. . . maybe it’s not that simple.

Open the app, declare yourself male or female, then select your destination, length of stay, and planned activities. The app spits out a list for you, based on said destination, the weather forecast, and planned activities. Most useful for me, it includes those items like contact solution and long underwear, items that you don’t realize are essential until you’ve forgotten them and are freezing inside a tent and can’t take your contacts out.

PackPoint can be easily downloaded from your app store – start packing!

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