Munich – Boisterous Bavarians

TOP 5 For Munich

  1. Visit the Deutsche museum-6 floors of fascinating topics which could keep you going for months
  2. A city centre walking tour
  3. Drink a big ol’ beer at an outdoor café
  4. Take a stroll through the Olympic park – an impressive area
  5. Visit the famed Hofbrauhaus – a noisy smelly sweaty example of a giant German beer hall.


Eurostars Grand Central Hotel – at a prime location just over the bridge from the Octoberfest and 10 minutes’ walk to the main train station. This hotel offers large clean well-appointed rooms, and a fantastic Southern European-style extensive breakfast buffet.  You pay for it though – the price will set you back some euros for sure.

I’ve been to Munchen thrice now- each time highly enjoyable yet slightly fuzzy due to litre portions of  Bavarian beer. Munich, in my experience, is always sunny, happy, and full of party-hungry friendly folks. The famed Octoberfest is the best time to see Munich in its stereotypical glory – but not the best time to go (in my opinion).  The advantages of going at such a time are that you can drink Mass (1L) beers with locals and tourists alike, dance on tables, dress up in proper Bavarian gear, and generally be very merry. The disadvantages are overpriced crappy food, very drunk people, cheesy carnival rides/games, and a good amount of crowds everywhere. If you’re from Calgary and have been to the Stampede, it’s the same, minus the cowboy outfits.



The rest of the city, during the rest of the year, is the real gem. Rich in fascinating history, killer museums, and beautiful parks and architecture, it’s a one-of-a-kind city definitely worth a visit. The Olympic Park is a must-see. The Deutsche Museum can keep you occupied for days, if not weeks. A walking tour through the city centre will reveal fascinating details from WWII and before, which still remain in the city.

Bavarian Food: Ugh. What can I say? Try the Weisswurst, a sickeningly pale sausage delivered to your table in its cooking water, accompanied by sweet mustard and a pretzel. Other more appealing options are large sharing plates loaded with delicious dark German bread, butter, Bavarian cheese, various cold cuts, and pickles. During Octoberfest (or at any other German festival), there are some great “street food” options – sold from wooden carts with twinkling lights and cheery staff. Sugar-roasted almonds, potato pancakes with applesauce (Heaven and Earth auf Deutsche), garlic mushrooms, and crepes are my favourites.


A typical meal. . . sausage, mustard, potatoes, sauerkraut, IMG_5084beer.

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