The Sleeping Beauty Castle – Sababurg

This is a little Brother’s Grimm gem in the Reinhardswald in Germany. If you ever wanted to feel like you were wandering through a Disney fairytale, come here . . . because this is where they were written! The Brother’s Grimm, two German academics and writers who wrote the folk tales which were the basis for many a Disney story, based their Sleeping Beauty castle on Sababurg.

Sababurg Castle

Sababurg Castle

Construction of the castle began in 1334, to bring pilgrims to the site of Gottsbüren. Since 1959 it has been converted into a high-class hotel and restaurant.   The forest around the castle of Sababurg is really a mystical and magical place. And much to my delight, I’ve learned that the board game “Enchanted Forest” is based on the forest here – I LOVED this game as a kid! Nowadays there is a wildlife park adjacent to the castle where you can see local wildlife at it’s finest.

A friend and I did a hike to the castle and around the wildlife park. Afterwards we enjoyed a truly delicious meal in the castle restaurant – it’s a great place to try the local game meat, such as roast wild boar or deer goulash. All in all, a step back in time which was highly enjoyable 🙂

DSC00103 DSC00105 DSC00110 DSC00108 DSC00128 DSC00134

Doorway in the castle

Doorway in the castle

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