Travel by Chocolate

Well I did Travel by Wine, and now my other favorite consumable. Chocolate. Anyone that knows me knows I have a (ahem) small obsession with chocolate. I tend to sample it extensively in most  places – and here’s a list of my favourites. And for fun, I plotted them on a map of the “Top Ten Chocolate Consuming countries- there appears to be a correlation.



  • Simon Levelt (Netherlands) Salted honey cream
  • Leonidas (Netherlands, France) Classic nougat
  • Bernard Callebaut (Calgary) Rice crisp
  • Choklat (Calgary) Make your own!
  • Purdy’s (Canada-wide locations) Himalayan pink salt peanut butter
  • Schokoladenwerkstatt (Kassel, Germany) Chocolate Mousse truffle
  • KoKo Black (Melbourne, Australia) Dark Salted Caramel
  • Van Oost (Bruges) Saffron Heart
  • Mary Chocolates (Bruges) Manhattan Ganache
  • Choco-Holic (Bruges) Dark chocolate chili
  • De Bonte Koe (Rotterdam) Red Port Bonbon
  • Criollo Chocolatier (Toulouse) Armagnac Ganache
  • Tete de Cabosse (Toulouse) Crunchy nougat praline
  • Jeff de Bruges (Toulouse) Palet JB Noir
  • Patisserie Saint Andre Letendart (Pau) Rocher Suisse
  • Chocolaterie de la Couronne (Pau) La Perle D’Or
  • William Currey (London) Rosemary and Olive Oil



Jeff de Bruges (


De Bonte Ko, Rotterdam




William Currey London

Other Goodies Worth a Mention

BCCourtesy of


Please – if you know of a killer chocolate joint in your vicinity, let me know! I would love to make this list longer. And little did I know, there is even a Choco-locate app for Iphones – for details head over to Julie’s blog here.  And the number one chocolate in the world is still my mom’s Christmas truffles – that will never change 🙂

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