Buenos Aires restaurants: Finding something other than steak

In Buenos Aires, a city known for red meat, Malbec, pizza piled high with mozzarella, and pasta, sometimes your taste buds want for something more. Something with a spice or two perhaps. . . or something which won’t require a nap after consumption. Luckily in a city as big as BA, you can find some lovely alternatives.

French: Moulin de Fleur

For a proper croissant, macaroon, coffee, or baguette, you will not go wrong here.


Asian Fusion: Gran Dabbang

An eclectic mix of Indian, Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese flavours. Everything comes bursting full of flavour and with a proper kick-in-the-shorts spice. The lamb curry was deep, earthy, and rich, with buttery roti bread and fresh lime. The grilled pork, served with shaved fennel, orange, and a yogurt sauce, was fresh and delicious. Crunchy blanched beans with peanut satay sauce were a fantastic appetizer.


Nikkei Cuisine: Pacifica Bar del Mar

This Japanese-Peruvian fusion has taken Buenos Aires by storm. A good option for beginners is a Tiradito, fresh raw fish sliced paper-thin and marinated in leche de tigre. We sampled an incredibly good sashimi salad with thai vinaigrette, and a sampler plate of three different ceviches – Coconut salmon, white fish, and mixed seafood.


Contemporary Cuisine: Alvear Art Hotel

A friend and I went for Buenos Aires food week and were treated to a lovely three course meal here, for $350 pesos a head. The “Calamari Duo” came with classic fried squid with lemon, and “Al Diablo”, in a fiery red sauce. My main dish was a “compression” of slow cooked lamb, with sweet potatoes two ways and gremolata. The desserts were white chocolate cake with berry coulis and pistachio cream, and coffee flan with honey crunch and vanilla ice cream. Incredibly rich and delicious.


Although the steak and Malbec is not to be missed, there are many many interesting options in the city, once you are meat-exhausted.

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