Trier, Germany

Though it’s been a loooooonnng time since I visited Trier, I never did manage to write about it and it deserves to be. We were in the city for only a couple of days, but a friend of mine, who is a history nut and natural tour guide, offered to show us around the city. Trier has quite the international history. Most likely the oldest city in Germany, it was founded by Celts in the 4th century B.C., and conquered by the Romans in the 1st century B.C. As such it is scattered with historical Roman ruins and influences. We started at the Porta Nigra – the best preserved Roman city gate North of the Alps. As luck would have it, a modern art installation was exhibiting in town, a tribute of some sort to Karl Marx. Adorable “Kleiner Marx” (little Marx) were taking over the city in dwarf-like armies. It was . . . .simple adorable. dsc00164dsc00165

My friend toured us around, regaling us with stories of past battles and city history, and walking through the many churches in town. Below, St. Gangolf’s or the city’s market church. dsc00171dsc00172

Next up was the Dom St. Peter, or Trier cathedral. A fantastic Roman Catholic church which is believed to house the robe Jesus was wearing when he died – a pretty big hairy deal for all those Catholics out there. The robe is exhibited only every few decades. dsc00176dsc00180dsc00179dsc00178

We continued through town, marvelling at the old-style German gingerbread houses and cobbled streets. And of course, more Marxs. dsc00167dsc00168dsc00169dsc00170dsc00166

We made our way to the Roman ruins in the city, which feel quite out-of-place in the otherwise traditional German buildings. It is a really interesting mix of old and older, a mash-up of culture and architecture.dsc00181dsc00182dsc00183

Our lovely city tour ended with a descent to Cubiculum for beers – a former cellar now converted to a student bar. The beers are cheap and cold, and a perfect ending to a day of site seeing.

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